Caitlin Clark Shatters Women’s NCAA Scoring Record with Astonishing Moonshot 3-Pointer Near Logo: A Triumph of Skill and Emotion

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Caitlin Clark’s Historic Record: A Remarkable Deep Three-Pointer Sets the Bar

Caitlin Clark entered the game against Michigan with a clear mission—to secure her place as the women’s NCAA all-time leading scorer. Following a surprising upset loss to Nebraska where she fell eight points short of the record, Clark wasted no time in the next matchup. She swiftly scored the first eight points of the game, propelling her to surpass Kelsey Plum’s record for the most points ever by a women’s college basketball player at the DI level.

While Plum achieved her record of 3,527 points in 139 games, Clark accomplished this milestone in just 126 games. The defining moment came with a record-breaking shot—a trademark super deep three-pointer that encapsulates the essence of the Caitlin Clark Experience for the Iowa Hawkeyes. This shot not only showcased her ridiculous range but also highlighted her supreme confidence, as she swished the shot through the net. Witness the video of Clark’s historic and mesmerizing shot here:

I’m gonna go on the record and say she’s the best female collegiate player ever.” – Shaq on Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark is now setting her sights on breaking the NCAA’s all-time scoring record, currently held by men’s player Pete Maravich, who scored 3,667 points for LSU in the ’60s. With postseason games factoring into the record, Clark has a legitimate opportunity to surpass this historic milestone.

Witnessing Clark’s phenomenal performance up close, especially during the game against Northwestern where young fans filled the stands with custom signs, was truly exhilarating. Reflecting on her rise in the basketball world, I had the opportunity to speak to Clark during her sophomore season, capturing the essence of her extraordinary journey.

It’s worth noting that Caitlin Clark’s recent record-breaking shot perfectly epitomizes her colossal talent, marking her as the all-time leading scorer in women’s college basketball.


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